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Aug 24, 2011

Module 3; COLOUR; Assignment 2; Take a walk with colour

THis assignment includes selected photos, exterior, and a subsequent colour studies of details of sellected photos. These photos come back in later assignments too.
My pictures are urban – event though I live in a quite small town there is the small town urban feeling.  I went out at several occasion but discovered when I had chosen my pictures that I obviously had searched for special colour effects and colour contrasts in the urban environment. I also did discover that I had looked for explicit forms and “outstanding features both when considering colours and form.

Structures of yellow
My first picture is a picture from a road work construction just adjacent to the market in the square. I became fascinated of how dominating the combination of a very robust and imposing form and a bold colour became. When looking at the colour, there is the primary colour of really shouting yellow combined with some red – and white. Looking at the road sign just in front of the construction, one finds the blue as well. The feet in orange almost look out of place. One finds the Itten’s contrast by hue at a shy scale as the yellow is so “big” and the dominating impression is the straight and diagonal lines of the construction. The background totally disappears and I think the focus of the photo is the rhomboid of the top of the construction.'
 Forms of reds, pink, green and black

My second photo is from the same area, just adjacent to the market square as well. Again, a bold and colour dominating image. There are the forms, a big and bold cylinder combined with rectangular quite distinct forms of the boxes at the side. In the middle of the picture to the far left there is something that is not quite horizontal, it is a detail from a bench. Also adding to the composition is the person in the upper left corner, the forms as well as colours , which disturbs an almost still life – but in an outdoor setting.
Colours – are striking. The very primary red of the post box, and the seemingly pink of the telephone box – mainly because it is a faded red, combined with the red and green of the boxes stacked on the side. For me, the atmosphere is one of action, mainly due to the stacked boxes, but the person contributes to this. One can certainly – I think talk about Itten’s complementary contrasts, however – the green is not quite the complementary green of the red telephone box. 

Bold red and green

The third picture is a further red-green “shouting” photo. It is interesting as it is taken from a market stand. The colours are almost identical with those of the previous picture, but the green is really the complementary of the red. I loved this photo as it is so striking and really draws your eye towards it. The interesting thing is also that it represents THE market stand where a younger man shouts all day in an old-fashioned “market stall” way – in a high shrill voice penetrating everything in that lovely square – and then I feel he is represented by this photo – it is really him. I do at the same time feel that it is rather interesting – simple in composition but in my eye to some extent balanced as the white text on the green somehow balance the myriad of forms and colours of the tomatoes to the left.  The business in the lower right corner also balances the picture to some extent. I have difficulties to identify a focus, but I feel my eyes are drawn to the white text mainly of the upper right quarter.

Colourful - but very patterned  dress in a shop window
My fourth photo is very different. It is taken from display in a clothes shop window.  For me, the multicolour dress guides my eyes completely. The blue dress at the side disappears. It is also interesting that the background of the picture is completely different in form, with the strict stripes in neutral colour and with the small red flower decorations that also really disappears. The dress itself is bold in colours but in an explosion of colours, both warm and very cold and the mix with important black areas give it a fairly unruly impression. For me, the green is very prominent and in particular the green stem-like design in the middle of the dress.  The photo depicts the arms and neck of the mannequin quite grey, bit in reality it is more skinlike and the background is more brownish/grayish neutral in colour. The text in the lower part of the picture adds to the overall impression but it is the multicolour dress that “takes it all”.'

I have chosen this picture for my first mission, and this is the picture where I chose almost the same starting point for the different forms of detail copy:
I think the composition of the first, small square is interesting as the hand almost balances the extremely vivid colours of the right part of the picture, whereas the two hands in the rectangular detail become a part of the design and melt into the design in an interesting way. The colour contrasts between the extremely vivid colours on one side, compared to the neutral brown/grayish colours of the “background” adds interest to the picture.

However, I chose the circle detail for enlarging, and I did some development of this relating to the forms of the fields of colour. I decided to be more free in interpreting this image and I feel the painting became very refreshing and actually lovely in colour composition and the balance of forms. I feel as if I am looking at a tropical fantasy garden and could very well think of making an interpretation in silk, silk that is almost the only fabric that can produce this intense colours and with its shine adds to the intensity and luminosity.

 Yellow, blue, green and grey - interesting reflections in a window
My last picture is very different to the previous photos. It is again a photo of a window display, but this display alo have mirror images and reflections from a building on the other side of the street as well as very rich shadows. Colours are fairly bold again, but due to the shine and shadows from the glass of the window, the overall composition becomes mild and slightly hazy – and I loved the variety of this photo. The blue and green text is very bold, with simple but attractive and very imposing form and  for me, my eyes are first drawn to the left lower quarter with the big S:es. When looking further, I think that the combination of the reflections of the opposite building’s windows showing in the yellow and blue part, contrast in an interesting way with the images of the grey reflection to the right. Hardly visible the ornaments on the opposite building create a face in the upper part of the yellow field.
For me this picture became amusing, how reflections and forms can interact and create interesting effects. 

I chose this picture for my second copying and enlargement, however with this picture I searched for different sections to copy.

The smaller pictures I have painted with gouache colours, whereas I chose oil pastels for the enlargemet. For some reason the green colour on the small gouache square, became dark in the picture, and the green on the enlargement did not work out with oil pastels. For some reason the greens became difficult to intermix, and just disappeared instead of mixing with each other. I should probably have tried soft, dry pastels instead.
I became very fond of the image of the small circle, as I immediately got the impression  of a music conductor at his desk, or possibly a teacher with the ruler or the pointer in his hand!


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