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Sep 5, 2011

Module 3; Assignment 5b; Textile interpretations of photos

This assignment included textile interpretations - and some "copies" of photos from previous assignments.

My first experiment is the ”road work” picture and I did that as my first with fresh memories from my tutoring that morning. I looked for fabrics “at store” and found none whatsoever in a reasonably grey, but a plastic bag in grey and decided to make a very delicate try to iron it to make it a bit smoother. I made appliqué and stitched patterns, both in the brick work to the upper right but also in the window frame, the brownish structure to the left in the upper part.
I continued to stitch to depict the dark grey “strait” diagonally over the square stones and finally some stitches to depict the design of the square floor.
The yellow structure I made from yellow lining fabric glued onto drawing paper and I made several trials of how to compose the collection of yellows.
I finally stitched a bit red onto one of the yellows as well as placed the bright orange feet a bit all over.
I feel the composition is interesting and does show bits and pieces of the colours in the very picture.

Photo of roadwork

I chose my second picture from the painting details we had done previously and I picked the picture with the “ornamental” face on the top. I have some liking of this picture – might be due to the many nuances of yellowish colours that go into brown/mustard.
I decided to make an “all embroidery” image and worked continuously for several hours. I had made a rather big picture and I did have difficulties to find suitable blue colours. Unfortunately among my some ten different thread blue varieties there was none “primary” blue.

In reality colours are not quite as bright as in the pictures. I quite liked the result and I do think there is a nice colour balance in the picture with the yellow dominating but counterbalanced by the blue and black sides. 

Painted detail from photo

My third choice was to have another go at the postbox. I had some difficulties to source a suitable green – but found a silk that is not quite right, but with the additional stripes it works reasonably well. I enjoyed the result of the checked shirt fabric to depict the boxes at the side of the postbox, as well as the windows of the phone box being the postbox.
The pink phone box – I did not anywhere have anything in fabric that was in pink – but again a plastic bag. This one I covered by a sheet with silk organza and the result is quite right.

 I placed a piece of bright orange in the two upper edges to symbolize the brick work that is present in a fairly orange colour in the very photo. It would have been interesting
I omitted the person in the upper left corner – might redo this piece when I have better time as it would be interesting to try it out in a Kettle style instead, with the person playing an important role in the picture. I think the colours go well and the mix of colours in the left part counter balances the bold red and black in the very post box.

Photo of letterbox plus market boxes

4 and 5:
My fourth and fifth are interpretations of the tomato picture. This is very bright green and red – could perhaps have been imaged like a road signal stop light. This I did not think of when considering how to play with this image.

My first is a ball dress with sculptured skirt and a green top with “lace in white”. However I did not have anything as remotely sharp in colour as the green needed to be – but I found some “crepe”-paper in the exact colour. I did some cuttings I it and inserted a stabilizing cardboard panel and stitched it onto the “skirt”. Not forgetting is a ball gown I found a fabric that was sparkly green with less sparkly dark grey ornaments from which I cut out a few little pieces, the tomato leaves” for the decoration of the skirt.

I did not have any padding but found old shoulder pads, and decided to keep the form which made the piece a bit more interesting – I thought.

I quite enjoyed this experiment – also while I had not previously done anything from this photo. I also think it works – these very strong, bold and complementary colours to balance each other. Interestingly enough – the red (as it should according to theory) brightens up still more with the little green sparkles on it.
Photo depicting a market stall

The next “tomato” experiment became a try to be a bit more “Joe Buddy” – it feels very pretentious to. However, I tried to find various reds, something which is much more obvious in the real piece than in these pictures which really do not manage to show the nuances of reds.
I inserted small “tomato leaves”
I also chose to make wholly rectangular pieces to see how that worked. The greens – are toned down by silk organza as well as tulle.
I did not manage to get a softly varied greenery at all but ata the same time it makes it a bit mote interesting. The colour contrast is still there and I made a try to see if the “tomato leaves” should be placed strictly in line with the other pieces, but decided to rather place them at different anagles – a bit more “scattered”.
Photo of market stall

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