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Jan 20, 2011

Module 1: Assignment 1:5 De/Reconstruction two; Sea, sun and palm tree

Second de/reconstruction:

Sea, sun and palm tree

For this task I have used cardboard boxes – three, a software can – (the glitter in the sea as well as the top of the sun), a green plastic bottle to provide some green flush in the sea as well as the leaves of the palm. The green details have been exposed to a flame and interestingly enough it could be somewhat controlled. I was standing outside on our terrace with a candle. The sea waves have been cut as well as teared. The have been assembled with staples. Palm trunk is piece of an empty kitchen roll and has been covered in brown packaging tape and the leave crown was manipulated in the bottom to fit into trunk.

Sketches, Sea, sun and palm tree
Rather content with the palm tree – however the full scenery is – again a bit bleak!
1. Sketch: Sea, sun and palm tree

                                                    2. Sketch: Palm tree

Sea, sun and palm tree

a)      The composition I think exposes several forms, the one of the sun’s rays, the palm tree, both trunk and leaves and – the very “frilly” sea. The silver coil glitters as intended and the melted green plastic in the sea adds some interest – perhaps. The sun is intended to encompass the “installation” and there is some shine on the rays as well. Perhaps could the rays have been made less down pointing.
b)      A somewhat more traditional composition – but here the sea is better exposed and the sun has got a better perspective. This picture also displays well the white “foam” in the front of the sea.

3a) Sea, sun and palm tree
3b) Sea, sun and palm tree

Palm tree and the three components from above

4. Palm tree- different perspective
5. Three components from above

The palm tree became very interesting from above, with the combined translucent leaves against and upon the blue sea. The base of the crown is dark, something that has been an interesting feature in the next picture. In the first picture the palm becomes beautifully dominating and creates interesting and “adding” shadows.
In the second picture the rays show a direction in the picture and become the dominant feature. The details of the sea are less prominent.

 The sea
The sea from above looks pretty disordered and very different from a sea – I think. It is too unruly however on the other hand there are some interesting features with the green details and the silver coil. It becomes something quite different without the extra additives, sun and a palm tree which in some way defines it to be a display of the sea.

6. The sea
Reversed details
The sun becomes a lovely and natural form to fuse with the tree, both reversed and it looks like a beautiful flower from above! There are some lighting effects on the very rays.

7. A tree or different flower

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