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Jan 20, 2011

Some thoughts on screen texts and characters

When paying for my wall paper glue, I caught sight of the display window on the cardreader of the shop -- thought how many - very, very many different screen texts you view. every week Computer, mobile phones - sms, mms, card readers, parking machines, petrol automats, etc, etc - think I will collect a few on camera. More or less all of the digital characters are fairly similar - and the background is usually steel grey or "screen green". Can be developed in many ways - different screen colours? New fonts for same texts? Inserting a few human faces around it - well can become an intriguing concept to develop.

By the way - I found a site with tutorials of how to draw - will try it out during the next few days. Liz Harding told me that the company Art Van Go ( was an excellent supplier for art and craft- and supplies for textile artists/crafters were particularly good.

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