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Jan 18, 2011

Creative diary: Silk piles in Selvedge

The last "Selvedge" has an article about silk and how it is produced - very interesting not the least as it is women who do the selection of the cocoons and also the dissolving of them so that the silk thread can be recovered. In this article there is a picture of wite silk "piles" - tangles, loaded upon each other and a beautiful pattern results. It is almost symmetrical but not quite. The rounded tangles are shiny and form a diagonal or chain like pattern and they are shiny in the subtle way only silk can display. I could think of the picture being used as a basis for a printed silk - in grey and white - would be extraordinarily elegant I beleive! It could be used straight off - as it stands, and then repeated in squares over the whole surface. It does inspire me to an extent when planning for my third task - my more structured construction - as I have been looking at the material I have got left - some transparent plastic, very soft and white toilet paper and some more or less white cardboard. Also some whitish carrier plastic bags. I have thought about snow and layers of snow - came back just a few days ago from Sweden, and there is a lot of snow even in the south. It was snowing when I left. I will describe this project when I have finished the documentation of one and two - ie Anna's torso and naked brain -- and my turbulent sea, with a shining sun, -- and a palm tree on the beach.

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