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Jan 16, 2011

Module 1. Assignment 1: 4; First de/reconstruction " Annas - torso with naked brain"

I love her, Annas torso, named from the cardboard box from "Annas Gingerbreads" , one of the boxes I used for my first practical work. The boxes I used were the back of a "bag in the box -wine" (its form was retained however I turned it outside in, and some others and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The brain which is really the "artwork" contains both white matter and grey matter -- but one blackish center for sorrows and depression as well as a center for love. There are some blood vessels as well. Tomorrow I will add some other features - things that are going on in the brain. The Annas torso really just became a "stand" for the brain - which I think can become quiet interesting both with some special lighting and some different angles. When I discovered that I was supposed to use the full material of the boxes, I added the rucksack for Anna, including both the bottom of the egg box but also the frame of the Tesco corn flower box. I liked the work with the boxes - and thought a lot of how to use the colours and patterns of the boxes. I became a a bit inspired yesterday of my sketch of the brain and the sudokus, and started to think of everything that goes on in the brain - not the least - it is a center for your creativity...I could think of continuing with a brain theme - however the next task will most probably be very different.

Getting started

Even a blood vessel can be visible...

From the back it rather looks a ¨"Mexi hat"?
Sadness dominating

Brain became Anna's, with lovely smile and impressive breasts..
Blond hair curls...

...and a rucksack  from the bottom of the egg box

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