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Jan 15, 2011

Some Sudoku Puzzle ideas

As for creative thoughts - have started to look into the artists listed in the reference list of this module. Due to my present handicap I will have great difficulties to go to museums and galleries - hence will trust internet for this time. Looked into Lynne Perrella - and I liked the way she combined faces with forms, mostly rectangular or "straight forms, as well as her very vivid colours - on the work I have seen hitherto. What struck me was the faces she used in the series I looked into - they seemed some indifferent - in contrast with the very vivid and beautiful colour images she created. The added forms, squares, triangles etc were used I think to create an image of hair, of veils, of curtains and really made that contrast to the face. I loved it. It appealed to my sense and soul for colours (as a child I loved red -- and as an adult I love yellow - for the sun!). I also saw an image where she had added letters and characters to the square forms. It hit me - a bit as I have had an idea of making Sudoku squares - knitted or an application - or cream silk embroidered with angora yarn - into squares with the figures in a fully or not wholly completed sudoku puzzle. Could be developed into a picture of a human brain with the very winding routes and structures - overlaid with Sudoku squares --- ?? Why not a scientific photograph of a brain - possibly black and white - with overlaid puzzle squares - perhaps in colours -- or at least one in shining gold - ie the last figure that makes your overall satisfaction when having solved the "super fiendish" in The Times - fun thought.

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