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Jan 14, 2011

Started sketching

Started sketching and felt really "rusty" but opened my white and blank sketchbook and found my normal pencil and the new colour pencils as well. Started to very faintly draw a glass put in front of me, an IKEA glass with a pattern of striped sections. Actually became quite intrigued by the pattern that developed when drawing the stripes, and in the fiollowing drawing, I coloured the sections. I continued with a new, with more "wild" colours and tried not to make obvious symmetric coloured fields, just in some places. Continued to make my own pattern built upon the glass idea and coloured them too. Became quite decorative and fun. Would have continued if I had had black ink in a very fine pencil, would have been nice to make a clean break with the almot oriental pattern - and continue to make other patterns with black!

Continued with drawing four brass candlesticks, and started to play with the forms - and finally found a likeness to profiles of faces. I proceeded to make them a bit more facelike and again - it was fun to "get going". I continued to make a form of the contours of the candlesticks - and am quite sure they can be developed too.

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