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Feb 28, 2011

Finding interesting line patterns in my work

I manage to find some time to spend on looking back into my previous work - as I knew I had during the process thought -- this is an interesting pattern - I will remember that for further development. There are three or four such small sections I would like to develop further.

One is the small "couple" that I already used in my stitched "Eye". That section I found by turning that first line drawing (Big Draw; module 1) upside down. It was imediately obvious and easily retraceable.
The second - that I already made use of in a subsequent collage, was the lines of legs - also in the line drawing upside down.

I did remember how to look for lines - and the third potential figureI found in the lines of my drawing of my stretch fabric - (Assignment 6, module 1)- from newsprint and turqoise ribbons. I did find fantastic lines which represented dancers for me. I have taken them out and will further process them!

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