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Feb 8, 2011

Sculptures again

Have chosen "my sculptor" for the somewhat more thorough research and I selected Tony Cragg. I got hooked  when I saw some of his recent painted round, twisted scultures and still more awestruck by his genial depiction of "Bent Minds" and "Two MInds", "Level Head" as well as "Wild relatives" are brilliant. I also loved some of his perforated bronzes I got some feeling that I wanted to touch his sculptures and follow all these curves around and around, and I got some association to draped and folded fabric. I felt I wanted to get some silk out, either a soft with some flow and fall in it - type satin silk, or some more crisp like dupion silk -- of which I have some. I will see if it is possible to create those special folds... As a matter of fact he is exhibiting in Paris in "the Louvre" right now and he has created a special sculpture "Versus" for this particular exhibition. His sculptures are exhibited under the glass dome as well as displayed side by side or in front of the antique sculptures of the museum.

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