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Mar 17, 2011

Module 2; Assignment 5:2 and 3; Motifs and Multiples - development of an own pattern and prints

Develop an own pattern

I developed two/three patterns from my previous work. The two first were derived from the painting (white and turquoise) of my stretch fabric, lines and pattern that I perceived as dancers. I used one pattern but I made two templates in order to make an extended but inverse template of this pattern.

The second pattern was the small square of a kissing couple that I had inserted onto the chin of Valentino in the second drawing of the first black and white task.

Task 3 Making own prints

Own prints; I made three templates in lino and then used black printing ink, a roller and a glass plate to roll on. I did try to keep it as clean as possible, but failed more or less, a bit different in the different prints. However I think my patterns were not bad, I varied the onset, I varied the combination of the three templates and this also meant that the variation of black and white became rather good I think!

One of the prints I initiated from the middle of the paper and built it in a circular mode. The others were made in straight lines, but also varied – sometimes in an upside down fashion. In one of them I overlapped one single template in clusters, in a varying horizontal and vertical mode and that print became very different from the others and it became very soft. I almost got the impression of an Asian character print.

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