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Mar 23, 2011

Degree show favourites

I went to the Julia Caprara school degree show in Shoreditch jusst after it had opened. I loved to see artists now being able to boast being "fully educated artists"! There were a fw that I loved for various vreasons and I think the two that impressed most was the Canadian artis who had made paintings on silk organza which were hanging freely a bit from the wall. They seemd to be influenced by nature and they were gorgous. They were subte and at the same time clourful, one even with golden spots. There were just a few well placed stitches to "break up" the painted surface. They also gave a very delicate impression - due to the material but also the way they were painted. Beautiful!
The other that also was strikingly beautiful was the embroidered "tree trunk" The artsit had managed to embroider both a standing piece of a tree trunk and a lying trunk. It was very dark brown with a world of nuances and some shine and sparkle in between. Beautiful as well as the pieces were quite big and quite impressive.
The third that Ididlike was the series of old-fashioned advertisements fully embroidered. They were fun and were impressive pieces of work.
I was not quite as fond of the feministic installation even if the bikini made from condomes was quite creative, but otherwise i felt that the way the different pieces were made, (crochetedainly) was not that impressive.
Also I did notlove the"altar" piece even if it was a very wide series of different techniques inserted in this piece.

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