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Mar 31, 2011

Module 2; Assignment 6; Create; Version 1

I have chosen to use several images, and the same as I used for the printing in assignment 5.  The piece is printed with black printing ink onto long strips of  silk organza. I made a large number of trials, with newsprint bands, fastened onto a “mobile” ring then used pattern tissue paper.
I curled, I braided, I twisted, I let them hang free and was not quite content with any, and when starting to work with organza it became still more difficult to find a suitable structure!
However, I chose to make a structure with soft folds and three bands, printed, and I stitched  them into place with black thread. In addition I made some more stitching to make the piece more interesting.
My piece of work looks beautiful against light, and the black stitches stand out as they are partly mimicking the printed patterns in some places. I have partly stitched around the contours of the print. The fluidity of organza was partly lost but I feel it is displayed in the folds. The folds invites to curiosity as well as the fact that the bands are stitched partly with the “wrong” side against a “right side, which means that the tone of the print becomes more varied from both sides. The folds display a nice and irregular structure. Having has quite some initial problems to feel the piece became interesting, I was quite content when having finished!

Trial and Error

 Final piece - My Dancing Couple

trying to find each other in the folds

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