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Mar 31, 2011

Module 2; Assignment 6; Create ; Version 2

I have produced a further piece of work that could fit in well both with the brief and with the colours – black and white.

I went to a Carole Waller course at West Dean College called; printing and painting with translucent colours on cloth. And – apart from playing around with the different media (dyes and pigments) on different fabrics I had decided already before to bring something with me back that I could use.
The piece presented below is a silk jersey printed in black and grey and supposed to be used to produce a small jacket. Unfortunately it was not a very large piece – but I believe it can become a short-sleeved fairly short “small” jacket.
The pattern is silk screen printed using a stencil made from newsprint, and freely designed with my “dancing couple” in mind – hence bringing it into my report. I wanted to make something strict but with some movement and there was my couple.

Additionally – my first piece was a mainly painted, (partly printed) scarf on silk crèpe. It also awaits “production” into a scarf. It does not fully fit in with the black and white brief – but somehow I think it does. I had planned the contour colours to be almost neon – full – stop –thin lines but the dyes did not quite come out like that.

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