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Feb 11, 2011

Moddule 1; Assignment 5a; What is fabric?


I would choose to go from inside towards outside. I associate fabric with a large number of concepts, except for the obvuious ones. Fabric can also be perceived as network, which does encompass you in different ways. A network, might it be a woven cloth, or a network with friends – it does give you a feeling of comfort and of structure. One can go still further than that when considering network – and go inside your body.

Immaterial fabrics
Your body is encompassed, surrounded and “walled” by your skin. That is the sheltering cover. Going to the other extreme, you will find the cells of your body which collaborate in a network in a miraculous way. Inside every cell you find the ultimate component of DNA contained in your genes, in turn contained by your chromosomes. The DNA is arranged in a beautiful spiral, a helix which is really a fabric, a very structured fabric of four different types of molecules in an intricate and abssolutr pattern. This is really the fabric of life – a pretentious claim – but very true.
The DNA spiral has been visualized in many thousands various ways by artists, by sketchers, by scientific journalists but I believe there are more ways. When I considered this subject I got many ideas that could be developed – not the least to visualize mutations and similar dramatic events.

A further network and really a fabric is your nervous system. The nerve cells are very long and everywhere they make contact with each other. What a fabric – which stretches all trough your  body. When I think of this fabric I really see a lace, a beautiful lace which changes pattern in every part of your body. I could feel an urge to consult my friend who is an international expert on making bobbin lace.

Another all important network is your blood circulation system. Think of the fabric – think of purple velvet or silk – changing shade slightly when being a vein compared to an artery. This is one of the real dramatic fabrics of life!

Going outside yourself
The most important fabric outside your own vital fabrics – really is your family and friends. It is well known scientifically that without a social fabric you are likely to suffer. One must not forget however that every fabric has to be nurtured and cared for – being it a cloth or clothes, it is much more vital to care for fiends and family!

Material fabrics
Clothes are the next layer after your skin. They are fairly vital but not really as vital as one might think compared to my previous concepts of fabrics.

Going further in your close vicinity is your house or apartment with all the parts of structure but also the content. Books are for me an important fabric as they keep you somehow in contct with others thoughts as do magazines and newspapers. Newspapers are an endless source of inspiration as one can feel how everything you read is part of a fabric, a global fabric.

Outside your home there are streets, and what a fabric! There are communication pojnts such as railways and airports, buss stops and local shops. Everything is part of your daily  network.

Electrical network is a very important fabric as is the water and sewage system.

Communication fabrics
Communication facilitators deserve an own place in the concept of fabric. Radio, telegraph and telephone for our ancestors and mobile networks and internet for present generations are fabrics of vital importance to everybody. The new communication fabrics supply a structure to your everyday life in a way that has never been possible before. I will not go further into this subject here and now, as I feel this subject deserves an own dissertation when considering this enormous and for many life changing resources which has almost made your communication space explode.

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