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Apr 28, 2011

New large cushion covers

I have spent a week renewing cushions on sun chairs etcc in our French house. I have not had very much time which means that I had to go to the market to find fabrics, and to use old foam filling for them. I made some brown cushions, with some stripes in lighter brown for the rattan group and was quite content. I have also made some whitish cushions for a couple of very old rattan chairs that come from my childhood home. I washed and cleant them and will see this summer if they should be treated by some oil. They are minimum sixty years old whic is qquite impressive. I have attached a picture - and the cushions I made will only be used for now. I am plaanning to make some more "Provencal" and "art" -- when there is time because they deserve that I think!

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