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May 24, 2011

Lorries on Motorway

Travelling through Europe by car, and just transporting ourselves from the UK to Stockholm - we were going monotonously hour after hour on the motorways all the 1950 km. Along the way - the most fascinating scenery plays at you on the motorway. In the right lane, there is a continous line of lorries seen from behind. Starting to imaagine the different colours, texts and forms - most of them are fairly similarly rectangular seen from behind but all od a sudden a lorry with a concrete mixer turns up in the line which breaks the strict graphic pattern. Many of them are white or off-white but mixed in an amusing way with bright red, bright blue and other colours. If green the lorries are usually rather dark green but the newer ones seem to be more strongly coloured.
I think one could make a great collage or textile interpretation with these rectangulars overlapping each others in long lines - and with the occasionaal breaking out to overtake another.

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