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Aug 24, 2011

Module 3; COLOUR Assignment 1; A colour has many faces

Visual and emotional values and associations with words were the tasks for this assignment. We were to paint - with different media and techniques our associations with a selection of words and my selection was:


My first painting is a large “SPLASH”.  The picture, painted with acrylic paint onto an A2 white paper is depicting jets of water falling into a water surface – could be a fountain perhaps. For me, blue, turquoise, silvery colours symbolize splashing water. I thought of making a splash of black on white, such as a tin of black paint falling onto a floor with white walls around ---! I decided against that as we are to be working with colours. Another splash that could have been depicted very dramatic would be a blood vessel – bursting.
The picture depicts a big water splash.

The next picture is supposed to be very “BOLD” – in colours. I have been somewhat inspired by the further assignment on ethnic designs. The colours – (acrylic) except for the black are inspired by the “folklore” suits worn still today as festive dressing, by the “Lapps” – the nomads in the northern Scandinavia. Their dress frequently is a jacket in very clear, bright ultramarine coloured wool, with a short skirt attached and is decorated with ribbons and wool in zig-zag patterns in bright red, yellow and sometimes green.   


My third painting is reflecting – “REFLECT”.  This is a word with several meanings – it could be a purely physical process with beams reflected by a surface, it could also be reflections by somebody’s brain – as my picture is supposed to symbolize. I have meant to illustrate a calm, peaceful and thoughtful process of reflections. For me this is “icy” colours, grey, silver (hence a ccouple of pieces of Al-foil) and light, icy blue.

I started with gluing an opened envelope with the reverse upwards, and the lining of this envelope was very pale light-blue. I continued by gluing “Thought-bubbles” from other lined envelopes that I have collected, with different patterns of grey, some light grey and others darker grey – possibly illustrating slightly darker thoughts of the head that is barely visible. I have then painted with large brush-strokes of diluted gouache in light-blue – turquoise-blue onto and over it all, also the faint face in very light apricot. I reality the dark grey “thoughts” are not as dark.

The fourth word that I have selected is “CALM. For me a calm colour is green, “calm green – which is a slightly somber green, mixed with grey. However, the concept of “calm” can have hues – in the case of my painting (oil pastels) both towards mild grey and towards mild yellow-light-green. The painting in reality is milder in the middle and more “green. The picture depicts it almost black – which is not at all the case in reality.


My lasts word to be coloured is WARM. My immediate reaction when asked for warm colours are: red-orange and yellow. Some greens have a place as well – as certain deep violet-blues. I also envisioned a couple of knitted thick socks, to wear when seated in front of the fire-place in a cold winter evening.
I started by sewing with a read thread the contours of a pair of socks. I had no ambition to make the socks physically correctly represented – we are supposed to be “bold” and use big brush strokes in this assignment. However I tried to depict the “neck” of the socks and a possible knitted design .

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