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Aug 23, 2011

Adventure crashed - for a while!

Mid-June when I was working frantically in order to by-pass my problem of having holidays in July, whereas smost England as well as the tutors have holidays in August. I was almost desperate to be able to start the degree course of Julia Caprara school in September and there was a lot of work to finish - really a complete double work till very late night.
At the time I was about to finish the "Colour Module" of the course and - as I had planned to say (one of the other degree students as well) to the author of the course - this module was rather an almost full-time course than a 15 hour/week course - it was very demanding indeed! This was the first ever predegree course of the school - and they were anxious to have our views.
However, I had strangely little back when trying to contact the school and had begun being very irritated - indeed and - finally the blow - the school filed for bankrupcy!
Well - the stress was over for the time being but I was so disappointed,  so very disappointed. I had enjoyed this course immensely and I felt I really was "discovering" my creativity or rather was stimulated to let it out to be developed.

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