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Feb 6, 2011

Stitched eye!

I made my first stitched image since some forty plus years! It was a special feeling again to take time to decorate a fabric - to actually put in that work and see how it can be transformed by adding, by sewing and by creating colour impressions. I tried hard to create a variety of colours in the iris of the eye by using tissue paper, coarse linen thread (bought in the factory shop of the Swedish carpet producer "Kasthall") of two colours of turqoise. As always one has an image of how it is going to look when you have developed the picture - I had wanted to spend still much more time to further develop shades, curves etc but I had to stop!
I did think - when outlining the contours of the couple in the pupil - that -- one could think of a repetetive pattern of many irises, with different images in each pupil - to symbolize all different impressions and images an eye receives to be processed. Somewhere I do end up inside the body - I could see how these image are processed to create a full impression of a situation or of something happening. It could perhaps be visualized by creating a large surface with concentric circles with the microsecond impressions depicted in the surface between the "irises" all aroung the circles - forty - fifty impressipons - to be synthesized into one final image - displayed in the middle - the "pupil". Could be an interesting concept - either on fabric or on paper.

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