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Feb 4, 2011

Body fabric

Have started to think about fabric - "what is fabric" made me intensely inspired when reading about the number 5 assignment (a bit in advance - I admit). Felt that for me fabric in a wide sense actually was not only what is outside, and encompassing or surrounding you outside of your body. Being the bioscientist that I am - I could not help but going inwards as well. The skin is the fabric holding you together and in the other extreme part there is the fabric of microcomponents, the fabric of cells, and inside them the fabric of your genome. In between there is the fabric of nervous cells and the fabric of all your blood vessels.

The genome has been painted, photographed, sketched, sculptured in millions if not billions of various ways and it is a very attracting feature,. The DNA-helix has a beautiful form, can be shown in beautiful colours -รค whic it often is due to the frequent need for good models for teaching. It can also of course be shown with its disruptions, the mutations along the gene which gives rise to much more dramatic opportunities to describe that fabric. An idyllic picture would of course be a DNA-spiral in the form of a fetus inside a nice and cosy womb, or a helix inside a tube, the tube being only rings so that the tube becomes seethrough - almost like a caleidoscope. This can be made in fabric or in combination materials. A etheric ring around the spiral of light green, symbolizing the environment, one ring composed from friends, one ring composed of some salmon coloured silk, - the sskin etc. Each ring could symbolize the various necessities for life - for your life.

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