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Feb 2, 2011

Putting in Context: Cubism - orphism - purism

I have spent a few hours on the "Putting in context" assignment and - a delight! I realize that through all years I have seen pictures made by Picasso as well as Braque and others and admired them but perhaps have not embraced them by my heart. I do understand a bit more now that core cubism really developed as a way of depicting objects or humans in a detached way. It could be a reason for not appealing directly to my heart - and that this was one of the objects of the then new movement. It might also be a feeling of dark and "sullen" colours used in the first period. There are fairly many of the cubists that do not fully appeal to my feelings - however that does not hold true for the sculptures. There, I get immediately struck by form, form and form again. I get taken by the beautiful lines, the combination of different geometric forms but also in combination with curvaceous forms, elongated or more round - but in the form of sculpture I think cubism has been beautiful for me. I will continue to look for sculptures from this period!

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