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Jan 30, 2011

Painting translucent colours on cloth

I found out that Carole Waller runs a course in printing and painting translucent colours onto cloth end of March (a long weekend) in West Dean Colleg. Examining the depth of my wallet I have put my name down for this course. I used to print materials when a teenager and then made dresses from it. I also bought a silk chiffon tunic from a Swedish textile artist a few years back - a beautiful handpainted tunic in rainbow colours with a huge shawl to go with it.Thinking printing - I actually worked for several years with silk screen printing - at work, but I was printing chemicals onto reactive paper in order to produce diagnostic strips with a particular character. I worked for Alfa Laval at the time and I eveen got a world-wide patent on this method for producing complicated test strips for diagnostic purposes -- for various reasons it never became commercial. But - that means I have done some printing ...
I started to think in terms of tunics - white transparent silk chiffon, painted or printed with white - where the large - XL have a white body painted - slightly smaller than your own - only to expose arms or  those details of your body you want to be visible. The body should be painted like a slender body or torso... but the small - XS -should have a slightly fat body painted - mainly for fun - it could be made into a series of sizes. I believe tunics in a beautiful chiffon - could be made commercial to some point...Just an idea
I can think of other fun ideas - painting with colours that change chemically in certain lights - then one can make different patterns that are displayed - in lamp light - in daylight etc??

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