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Jan 30, 2011

Sketching along!

I ave now continued to try to learn a bit more about sketching. I find it rather hard! I know that perspective is fairly crucial in order fpr something not to look to naive -- or is naivistic the word in English? I found a site called drawspace where I continue to read a bit and imitate their sketches and I try to elaborate a bit. As yet on very Beginner - level one - perspective. Just learned the thing about making objects in the front more detailed and in more significant colours - whereas objects far awaay should be more blurred and not as strong in colours - in order to create a depth in the picture. I use a lousy sketch block for these trials and lots of errors whereas I save my better paper and sheets for some more (in my view) decorative sketches. Today I spent some time sketching a slightly tired bouquet of tulips. It became fairly boring I have to admit! But - not very bad.

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