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Feb 23, 2011

Visit to exhibition of Gabriel Orozco at Tate Modern

I did visit Tate Modern, to have a look at Gabriel Orozco, being recommended by a friend to see the "crazy" installations this artist had made. He was born in Mexico in 1962 and became known as an artis in the nineties. He is travelling the world, he paints, draws, scultures and makes installations. On display there were drawings that he had intiated by spitting on to the paper, and subsequently devloped the drawing from there. He displayed a photographic series of a fairly large number of photos: He had been in Amsterdam at the time and had a yellow bike, s cooter. He had been going around in the city and looked for similar or near similar scooters and whenever he found one, he parked his own beside the found - and took a picture. It was a quite fun approach! There wass a large installation on the floor of bits and pieces of found tyres on roads. I was not particularly fond of that installation. He had placed an empty, simple paper shoebox in the middle of the floor - as one piece of art. The most significant was a car, a Citroen car that he had sawed into three "slices" - removed the middle one including the motor and assembled the two outer ones into a much smaller and narrower car. That was a fun piece!

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