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Feb 23, 2011

Ultramodern sculptures

Just watched one of the BBC4 programmes about British sculpture. I have seen a presentation of Marc Quinn who has been pretty extreme, such as produced models of his head, made from his own frosen blood. He has produced several sculptures with years in  between to expose and explore his gradual ageing. He used to be a serious drinker but came clean many years ago. His blood sculptures were kept on expo in a freezer glass box. His blood sculptures were pretty dramatic. Another much debated sculpture was the naked body of a pregnant severely disabled woman artist, Alison Lapper. It won a competetion to be exposed on the fourth plint at Trafalgar Square and was produced in Italian marble. It was deveiled in 2005 and evoked enormous debate, love and horror. I do think that particular sculpture is quite beautiful, and a few other work of Marc Quinn I like a lot!

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