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Feb 25, 2011

Module 2; Assignment 1; Contrast

1: I did put together newspaper clippings in black and white. I had happened to read a story in a Times magazine about Rudolph Valentino who was born Italian, was a criminal who escaped and then made it as an actor. He became madly in love with a lady who had shot her husband, and after she was acquitted she also left Valentino. (She can be seen to the right of the buddies kissing) and to the right of her, Valentino on his death bed. This is an abstract from a short memory – however I experienced  the pictures very beautiful.

As a contrast to these lovely, romantic old fashioned pictures, I could not resist to use a couple of clippings on “General Gaddafi” and Mr Berlusconi displaying cameraderi and public “love”. Considering their reputation I have added a couple of images of a feather dancer with a half nude seen in a hole. I have printed the texts and I feel that the contrast between these buddies – and the romantic beautiful passionate picture of Valentino and his lover kind of “make” the basic picture.

2: Graphics:
This collage consists mainly of rectangular clippings, and the colour contrasts are not very sharp. I decided to emphasize the curved forms in order to create contrasts, mainly using acrylic white as the contrast colour. I did add a few black lines as well, but decided to stay to some extent with the pictures instead of contorting too much, as I wanted the original pictures still to be visible in some way.

The little picture is a miniature of the passionate lovers, a miniature used in several further pieces of work, eg the prints in Assignment 5 and 6
 3: The second picture was a collection of pictures found in popular science magazines. I did a collage with two dominating white half circle forms, with a large number of very small drawings of everyday items. I mixed these “scientific” images with a fantastic picture of a small boy whose father is putting on a hat on his son. Overall I think this collage is quite interesting both in contrasts of black and white but also in the mix of smallish patterns “en masse”, and large surfaces of more or less monochromatic images. 

I decided to change this collage fairly radically and to change the balance and possibly make it a bit more unbalanced. I cut a piece of half transparent pattern tissue paper and glued it onto the upper half. Then I covered the lower half circle with white shiny plastic. In addition I added a couple of rectangles with “bubble plastic” to make the surface more interesting.I then painted with acrylic colours, developed the baby theme and therebye I feel I emphasized the human softness in the form of the baby. I also feel the colour composition became quite changed and I really liked the new picture as it somehow is more harmonic.
I did play aa bit with the “Eureka” letters, and emphasized rectangular forms on the upper half, (except for the half circle) whereas I underlined and created curved forms in the lower half.

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