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Mar 31, 2011

Another printed masterpiece

For my course at West Dean - I had brought a suitcase with finds from the bottom of the moving boxes in my treasure grove in the basement room. (that has been transformed by natural forces - so called acts of God)  from a guest room to a room littered with fabric piles - right now black and white).
I had found a jersey that I realized was a silk jersey - and hence i smashed it ontio the printing table in the morning of departure day. All work should be finished by 12 - and I realized Carole needed to have some margin as we were supposed to have emptied the studio by 3.30.
So - inspired by my little line figures - a "dancing couple" I proceeded fast to draw some minimalized figures onto newsprint paper in order to produce my stencil for the printing frame.
I quickly contiinued to print black parts and when dry, some grey images. Had I had time I would probably made a further print in stuill ligher grey. But - I hope to be able to make a small soft blouse/jacket with shortsleeves.                                                                                                                                                     

Silk jersey on printing table    

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