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Mar 2, 2011

Interesting artist working in white - cigarette paper

When working with black and white and trying to cut paper to form different geometrical shapes, I remembered a gallery in Paris I visited last year in January. The gallery is situated in a small lovely building close to Trocadero and was once owned by Christian Dior. It is now used for exhibitions, garden art as well as a venue for meetings - frequently the high end fashion industry such as Hermes, Dior (and they would have a lot these days to discuss). Anyway .- this time there were two artists that I really became inspired by; one of them being French Maryline Pomian and she makes the most beautiful art with cigarette paper. She really makes collage as she is gluing this thin and very soft and almost transparent paper bits in the most creative ways. Google her and you will find her very interesting. She inspired me to start to think about organza. Perhaps organza could be used to create a feeling of light and transparent? I hope I will have time to try.

This picture depicts clouds

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