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Apr 20, 2011

Easter in Sainte Maxime-Provencal fabrics do not work in a different environment

I went to Sainte Maxime for Easter where we have a house since a couple of decades I do some sewing there as well, I have a sewing machine and - as everywhere a certain stock of fabrics in the wardrobes. I knew we were going to do "ethnic" coloursand fabrics in our third module and I decided to at least bring some photos of the Provencale fabrics I have there.
I have always seen the Provencale fabrics and colours down there and during the years I have tried to bring back a table cloth or a cushion cover - however it does not normally work in the Scandinavian - nor the English environment. Somehow the colours don't go - hardly even on a garden table in the midde of the summer. Somehow the designs dod not really work either and especially not in the Scandinavian environment of today. So - I have left them down there!

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