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Apr 6, 2011

Sue Timney - super black and white designer

I visioted the Fashion and Textile museum in London this last weekend. There I was really struck by a super exhibition about Sue Timney and her textile design company "Timney Fowler" which was a joint company and collaboration together with her second husband Grahame Fowler. Her designs were usually quite bold, very graphic prints in black and white and she played a lot with graphics interaction - n particular in the beginning - already in her degree show from Royal Academy of Art. One of her most famous icons is prints of Roman heads but also other Roman architectural features, frequently intermixed with modern and contemporary designs. I think one could decribe her prints and textiles as classic with a bold contemporary edge. I loved her textiles - the designs are used for all kind of textiles but also China, prints on shoes, on stationery but nowadays she mainly works with interior designs. She also works in bright colours nowadays and obviously is represented by the "big"  players in the market.
The exhibition was extremely well made and I became really very inspired!

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